Google +1 Button Inserter

A Dreamweaver Extension.
Helps you to insert Google +1 buttons into your website.

The Google +1 Button is a new feature from Google that works like the Facebook "Like" button but with one BIG difference: it can affect the Google search results and the visibility of our website in Google. This difference makes it the most important "like" button on the web.

The Google +1 Button appears in the Google search results if the user is logged in to Google and has accepted to participate in this feature and you can place +1 buttons in your website that will be visible to all your website visitors.

The Google +1 Button Dreamweaver Extension helps you to insert +1 buttons into your website using Dreamweaver. All you need is to select the configuration parameters in a visual Dreamweaver's dialog, click OK and the Google +1 Button will be inserted into your page.

Which are the benefits of this tool?

  • It's the faster way to insert a +1 Button from Dreamweaver.
  • Visual configuration and insertion.
  • No need to deal with the code.

Get hurry and take advantage of this new SEO tool to improve your website visibility at Google. You can make the difference being one of the first websites using the +1 Button.


This tool requires Dreamweaver MX or later versions (MX 2004, DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, ...)


Click the following button to publicly this page:


After downloading the file, double click the MXP file to install the extension into your Dreamweaver.

To insert a the button, open the page where you want to insert the Google +1 Button and click into the page the exact location where you want it to appear; then go to the Dreamweaver menu "Commands" >> "Insert Google +1 Button".

The following dialog will appear:

Google +1 Button Inserter

The configuration fields are:

  • Size: The button size. The image above shows the available sizes.
  • Language: The language linked to the button.
  • Include count?: This field specifies if the +1 count should appear beside the button.
  • URL to +1: Use this to fix an URL to +1. In most cases you can leave this field empty to use the current page.

After clicking the"Ok" button the button code will be inserted into your webpage.

Note: Since the +1 button is used to share public webpages, it can be used only in online web pages. The button won't appear/work in local webpages. Upload your webpage to the online webserver to see it.

More about the Google +1 Button

If you want to learn more about the Google +1 Button check the following video:


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